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Funeral Alternatives

Green Mountain

The only funeral home in Vermont providing natural deathcare services.

At Green Mountain Funeral Alternatives we believe that staying involved in the care of the body after death can be a powerful part of the mourning process. Our services focus on natural deathcare, where the deathcare occurs in home-like setting and is followed by returning the body to the earth. If you need a funeral director, want to make a plan, or are interested in learning more about how to provide natural  deathcare care for someone you love we are here for you. We are committed to meeting everyone where they are and working with them to get them where they need to be.

Our goal is for every person to have the funeral service that meets their specific needs. We believe the better prepared you and your loved ones are for the decisions you must make at the end of life and after death, the better we will be able to assist you when you need us. In addition to our one-on-one services, we offer a range of educational workshops that include our unique values-based advance care planning and education about disposition options, with a focus on natural burial and home-based after-death care.

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